Welcome To IIRMA Education [MBBS in philippines]

A formal introduction of IIRMA goes like this: IIRMA Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., a Gandhinagar (Gujarat) based consultancy, having its sister-company office in Philippines named as IIRMA International Consultancy Inc., is an official overseas ISO 9001-2015 Pvt. Limited Company. It is also registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. Also IIRMA and its CEO Mr. Pravakar B. Shah are members of CCW (Citizen Crime Watch of Philippines). Many mbbs universities and mbbs colleges in Philippines have legally appointed IIRMA as foreign students recruiter. Also IIRMA helps students for MCI Screening Test; for which it appoints MCI-recognized professors at Philippines to help students. But in a true meaning IIRMA is a mother for each and every student, and not an agent for mbbs in philippines. IIRMA takes care of students for more than the entire study period of mbbs, provides them hygienic Indian food and beverages in a neat and clean canteen , facilities and environment that they can do the best in mbbs studies in philippines. IIRMA employees are actively at the service of the students in Philippines for 24*7, that they do not become a victim of any harmful thing and even of home sickness.

And that is the reason why IIRMA is still unbeatable in presence of many players in this direction of medical education in Philippines / mbbs in philippines.

Your entry into IIRMA Family is only a click far from you now! Don't fly in the face of good fortune!

Message from the Director/CEO:

Dear Parents & students,
    We are happy to welcome you to the wide and happy family of IIRMA in philippines. It is a good sign that you are going to be a part of this happy family for a long period of time for mbbs in philippines. As all of you know, we are very firm and determined to give The Best Doctors to our society along with great human values, through our IIRMA Education Consultancy, Gandhinagar.

We are very happy to notice that IIRMA has become the seed of a big tree of social service for mbbs in philippines, which is growing day by day, with the full support of parents. We believe in 'we', not 'I' and that is why we are a leading company, which is not a company but a parent.

Philippines is the country for MBBS, with the help of IIRMA, is more easy for Indian students. Many students along with their parents become victims of some baseless agents almost every year. Parents, in a haste of enrolling their wards for MBBS, do not check out the security measures abroad,and at last they have to repent for a long time because the agents do not take care of their wards abroad.

IIRMA bewares people in this respect as even IIRMA has come across many students who became victims of some bogus agents. Also IIRMA has saved some of them. This is the reason that IIRMA has strengthened its security measures well and has been adhering it tightly till date.

we have never forgotten our students and their parents who have always been our true strength. All the students and parents have expressed total satisfaction with our services in Philippines and Gandhinagar as well. Also we humbly request the parents to join us to visit Philippines to view our facilities over there and suggest us if required. We are very open minded to improve our mistakes Found by any parent in Philippines or at any other place of IIRMA.The IIRMA International Consultancy Inc. has always been prepared to help the IIRMA students in Philippines for mbbs. The parents have put trust on IIRMA and we have to fulfil it forever.

Let us talk about the parents of girl students. They put trust in Mrs. Ayushma R.L.Rana Shah, the Director, since she is taking care of girls in the Hostel in Philippines. We never, till date, have experienced any kind of complaint against the management of the Girl's Hostel in Philippines. Girls from India are also very cultured, and the Director has always been enjoying living with them. They could easily find mother, sister and friend in her, and never hesitate to talk to her, at any time, at any place. And that is the reason that the parents hand their girls over to IIRMA without thinking more, instead they never think to send girls abroad through an agent whom they don’t know. We have 200 girl students with IIRMA Girl's Hostel in Philippines currently for mbbs.

One another thing we must add here. Nobody could get full time satisfaction in one’s work or life. so, there might be some mistakes of IIRMA too, there might be some mistakes of students too. but the opposite side must keep open mind in respect to change the situation. Not a feeling of defeated is a solution for anything, but to give fight to any situation gains a victory to one.

Mr. Pravakar B. Shah
Director, IIRMA
Mrs. Ayushma R.L. Rana shah
[Director, IIRMA]