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Services provided by IIRMA

Admission Support With MCI:

IIRMA has enrolled more than 500 students including 200 girl-students for Philippines till date; and their parents are very happy with the security levels of IIRMA there in Philippines. Parents never hesitate sending their daughter abroad for studies, if IIRMA is there!

The whole IIRMA machinery and its staff help the students get admission in a desired Medical College in Philippines for MBBS. The IIRMA Gandhinagar staff completes all the documentation and other responsibilities.

Hostel And canteen Services:

IIRMA considers the students its own children; therefore it provides them the best hostel facility and accommodation in Philippines. IIRMA has a spacious and clean canteen with all kind of hygienic Indian food and beverages. It has appointed Indian Chefs in Philippines at the IIRMA Canteen, along with many Philippine staff.


However, IIRMA is very strict about Security; it has been adhering to the security measures strictly till date from the beginning. IIRMA fulfills the promise given to the students’ parents about the security of the wards.

IIRMA has created a great safe atmosphere there in Philippines, strengthened the security levels in Philippines and has appointed the staff of 35-40 dedicated people in Philippines, always active to help exclusively to the students of IIRMA for 24 hours.

IIRMA encourages good habits in students, prepares the best doctors to serve mankind.

It’s a sign of a very hard working and a good fortune of IIRMA that it does not need to be introduced today; because the job done by IIRMA speaks itself! IIRMA has been a different kind of institution in its own way. The major aim of IIRMA is to prepare a good series of doctors with humanism, that could serve the mankind at whole.

Nowadays this field has not been an untouchable one by any one; so,Nowadays there are many players in this field. We must call them ‘Agents’, who mainly take students abroad and leave them there as if their responsibility ends there! Many parents and students weep over this scenario after experiencing the ‘Agents’!

On the other hand, IIRMA has been an authorized and trusted education counsel partner with many major leading universities and colleges in Philipppines.

Therefore, from the first day, IIRMA began to be a Mother for every student; and not an Agent. It’s a company, but not a company; it’s a family. IIRMA provides the best services at the most affordable cost..

IIRMA, keeping this in mind, created a homely atmosphere in Philippines, where Indian students have to stay and study. IIRMA knows what the MBBS students would love to experience; IIRMA also knows the students of MBBS are not kids; but a serious learner students. So, IIRMA provides them all kind of good facilities including home-like atmosphere, good food and facilities for the best studies and always prepared to solve any kind of small or big problem faced by the students.

IIRMA gives opportunity to parents to fly abroad along with their wards, merely to examine the facilities in the opposite state where their wards have to stay. IIRMA does this with a full respect to every parent. IIRMA, Gandhinagar makes all arrangements for the parents to visit Philippines; and IIRMA, Philippines staff welcomes them and do the gesture I DO NOT KNOW. and show them what IIRMA in Gandhinagar had committed is fulfilled in Philippines. The IIRMA Staff in Philippines arranges the visit of parents with higher authorities of the universities, colleges; shows them the facilities and services provided by IIRMA.

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