“IIRMA is a mother”- Mr. Jatin Savla, Mumbai, a well known Businessman, Mumbai

“IIRMA works very effectively here, with creating totally Indian atmosphere on the land of Philippines. It is taking care of the students for 24 hours. Also IIRMA has made separate hostels for both boys and girls with all facilities. I have got my daughter Akshi enrolled with IIRMA and I am totally fearless about her since IIRMA takes care of girl students much more than any other consultancy.”

“I examined IIRMA and finalized it for my son Shivam…!” – Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Jharkhand,

“I was very confused when I was holding the result of my son Shivam. I wanted to get him admitted into MBBS, but after viewing his result of Std. XII, I was helpless to give up all my hope. Meanwhile, I came into contact with IIRMA and examined all its facilities; and after all satisfaction, I got him enrolled in MBBS through IIRMA. I examined all services of IIRMA including special meeting with Mr. Pravakar Sir, and Mrs. Ayshma Mam and Mr. Suraj Sir and Mr. Umesh sir in Philippines, and then I made my mind to put Shivam there.”

“Girls are safe in IIRMA’s hands.” – Mr. Gnanesh Divatia and Mrs. Nina Divatia, Ahmedabad----, father & mother of Shashwati

“We am very thankful to IIRMA which has been become a mother for Shashwati, our daughter in Philippines. She is totally secure in the hands of IIRMA here. IIRMA takes parents to Philippines to ensure all the facilities over there; also the fee structure of IIRMA is very affordable for all classes of society.”

“I am fearless for my daughter after enrolling her with IIRMA.” Mr. Ashish Mehta, Mumbai, father of Jinal

“My daughter Jinal is studying in MBBS in Philippines in the caring shelter of IIRMA now. We were taken to Philippines to view all facilities of IIRMA over there and to visit the Universities’ higher authorities; and we are very happy after seeing all the things over there. I am fully fearless about my daughter Jinal today, since IIRMA takes care of her like a mother.”

“IIRMA is unbeatable.” – Kaushal Patel,

“IIRMA is a mother for us in Philippines, and we are very safe in its hands. I personally am very happy with IIRMA, because I have never been a victim of home sickness after joining IIRMA in Philippines, but I was in a little hesitation while deciding about Philippines initially. IIRMA takes care of each and every student like a mother.”

“Enjoying great years with IIRMA is a fortunate.” – Azeemuddin Mohammed, Andhra Pradesh

“I did not know about IIRMA and its functions before one and a half year, but today I can say that IIRMA is the best consultancy, which provides all great facilities in Philippines and atmosphere to study well to fulfill the dreams of parents.”

“My shyness disappeared in IIRMA.” – Maunik M. Moradiya, Ahmedabad

“Being a shy guy, I had been keeping distance from all unknown individuals and things; always I used to think a thousand times before indulging into a new thing, but after joining with IIRMA, my shyness was at a zero level! I experienced that the network of IIRMA is very effective in all things, whether it is study or games or extracurricular activities. Here in IIRMA I today made many friends, true friends; but IIRMA is the first friend indeed!”

“IIRMA leaves never alone.” – Kunj Patel, Ahmedabad

“As an average guy, I love my parents much. I never have separated from them, therefore, when I flew for Philippines, my heart was weeping due to separation from my parents. But in Philippines, I experienced that IIRMA takes care of students like a mother and its network is totally helpful at every stage. One won’t believe, but it is true that I have been always happy with IIRMA in Philippines, even thousands of km far from my parents today!”

“Staff of IIRMA explained me a true picture of study abroad.” Name: Kanaksinh Thakor, Surat

“When we approached to IIRMA, we had no idea about study abroad; but the IIRMA staff of Gandhinagar explained us everything interestingly. My son Mr. Dhruvin Thakor, my wife Mrs. Jyotiben Thakor and I Mr. Kanaksinh Thakor visited IIRMA Gandhinagar office with curiosity to know about Philippines after his result of Std. 12th.

After I reached to Philippines with my son, I experienced that all the claims IIRMA made in Gandhinagar were fulfilled in Philippines!”

“There is nothing to hide in IIRMA, everything is transparent.” – Name: Shashikant Waghmare, Nagpur

“When I was holding my Std. 12th result in my hand, I was thinking something about studying abroad; but I had no clues what to do as the first step. Somebody introduced me with IIRMA; and I rushed to Gandhinagar at IIRMA’s office with my uncle. They cleared told us the true figure of the total expenditure in the subject of study in Philippines for the entire course. My uncle asked about any extra charge, they refused saying that the total is this!

What happened then is a very sweet and happy history in my life, because, I have been given a very live co-operation from the first day I visited IIRMA office till date when I am staying in Philippines.

Here in Philippines, the staff of IIRMA is always helpful to students for all works.”

“We are enjoying study in Philippines very much.” – Name: Arjun Suresh Babu, Kerala

“I have always been an active in my career till date; and I am sure I have never seen this much active network like IIRMA in Philippines.

I knew nothing about Philippines earlier, but when I stepped in Philippines, gradually I came in contact with everybody here in IIRMA hostel. We celebrate all friends’ birth days here, we organize tours sometimes in holidays and we also perform sometimes special Pooja Paath here in Philippines on some special religion festivals like Holi and Navratri too.

The IIRMA staff in Philippines, let me say, is the best one. Along with my friends, I have never seen this level best institution which takes this much care of every student abroad too.”

“Girls are always happy with IIRMA in Philippines.” – Name: Ashwini Trivedi, Patan

“All generally know that Philippines is the best country to study MBBS, but I must add something in it that IIRMA is the best for MBBS in Philippines!

All in my family, especially my elder brothers, were against of sending me abroad since I am a girl; but my mummy dared to go against all in family and convinced all explaining them the truth of IIRMA. She told them that IIRMA is not an agency, but a care taker mother for the full course.

And after reaching to Philippines, I experienced my mummy’s words truly.”

“My dream to be settled in the USA is close to me because of IIRMA.” – Name: Dhvani Patel, Ahmedabad

“Despite being a girl student, I always dreamt to be settled in the USA; and now I am not so far from fulfilling that dream; because of IIRMA.

Because of IIRMA, I got the opportunity to study in Philippines, which is one of the best options for international students to pursue education completely in English. Universities in Philippines are world renowned and offer globally recognized medical education. The first and last condition to choose Philippines for me is that Philippines is the golden gate for USA!”

“IIRMA showed us entire Philippines!” – Name: Krunali Patel, Halol, Godhra

“Before joining IIRMA, I had not seen even the outskirts of my village! Girls in rural areas of Gujarat generally do not tend to wander outside for a more time. But it is a miracle of IIRMA that today I have seen entire Philippines with IIRMA. Also we are enjoying some tours of late, because of the holidays in our colleges in Philippines.

I must thank both the offices of IIRMA, here in Philippines and Gandhinagar as well, because both have played a big role in my career till date. The Philippines office is an extra ordinary one!”

“There is much to learn in Philippines, more than other countries.” - Name: Sandesh Gamot, Rajasthan

“I have seen one thing in Philippines that an MBBS student from India is more convenient in Philippines than any other country, because diseases are commonly found in Philippines which are common in India, and the medical students during hospital work get exposure to many patients in Philippines. Also living standard is like India. The temperature is also like India.

I have no words to thank to IIRMA Philippines Unit, because it has played a big role in my life till date.

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